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      Welcome to the Official Website of Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd


      “Lean manufacturing, steady development”


      Location :Home > Development > Safety

      Stick to the policy of "Intrinsic Safety". Changlong adheres to the governance concept of "safety first, prevention primary", and applies the full DSC automation operation to ensure production safety. Changlong continuously obtained Level II Certification of Safety Standardization and passed the international OPCW assessment.

      Operations in flammable and explosive areas, operations in toxic and hazardous areas, high-place operations, prospect of emergency treatment

      Follow the principles of circular economy --- "Reduction, Recycle, and Resource Utilization".

      Changlong passed through the ISO14001 International Environmental System Certification, established the technology and environmental protection research institute, invested more than 40% of its scientific research effort to comprehensively evaluate the environmental friendly indicators of products, to pursue "clean production, circular economy" in aspect of product resource configuration., Changlong totally invested over RMB 200 million to enhance environmental protection in the past two years. At present, its comprehensive processing capacity of "waste water, gas and residue" can meet the full-load production, which takes the lead of industry level.

      Awarded the title of Green Enterprises in annual environmental protection credit evaluation

      ISO14001 International Environmental System Certification

      Environmental protection capacity: gas incinerator, organic solid incinerator, biochemical tower for high-salinity wastewater, MVR, etc..

      Clean production auditing of MIC, acetochlor, imidacloprid, etc..

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